Tuesday, July 28, 2015


NACHU has partnered with Umande Trust to provide affordable and convenient ways of irrigating crops using recycled bathroom and kitchen water.
The move is expected to boost Umande Trusts Portfolio and increase new irrigation penetration technologies in Kenya. The deal was officially signed today between NACHU of Kenya, and Umande.

National Cooperation Housing Union (NACHU) is an apex organization made of registered primary housing cooperatives. NACHU works to provide affordable and decent housing to Kenyans within the low and modest income communities. They are in the process of constructing low cost houses that are affordable to people that live in areas of informal settlement
It is apparent that Ruai area, which is a dry area, receives very little rainfall and thus farming especially in the dry seasons seems very difficult. The cost of buying water is also very high; hence, the partnership between Umande Trust and NACHU in which Umande Trust undertakes to place drilled tanks in excavated sites where ballast, soil and fine sand are measured and poured in the tank. The diffuser plates made from basins are then strategically positioned in the tank which is connected to a collecting bucket. The whole system is then connected to the kitchen and bathroom pipe, where water will flow into the tank.

30 houses will undertake the project which will therefore help the residents to grow crops throughout the year without worrying about water availability.

 Written by : Electa Rosana
 Edited by : Sandrah Oteba