Wednesday, November 12, 2014

ICT Choices for Women Voices in the Slums

Vote for Umande's Project in the Making All Voices Count Competition by November 23rd

Do you believe in providing economic opportunities for women to promote good governance and citizen participation? If so, vote for Umande’s project in the international Making All Voices Count competition. 

Making All Voices Count is an international initiative that supports innovative thinking, scaling, and research that deepens both existing and new innovations that enable better citizen engagement and government responsiveness. Through focusing global attention on creative and cutting-edge solutions, including those that use mobile, web, and other technologies, MAVC strives for a substantial push towards effective democratic governance and accountability. The Global Innovation Competition aims to support projects whose objectives match those of the wider Making All Voices Count initiative. Determined by both public votes and a peer review process, finalists of the competition are invited to attend the Global Innovative Week in Jakarta.

Umande’s submission to the GIC 2015 falls under the sub-national governance category, which includes projects aiming to improve governance, accountability, and access to information. Titled ICT Choices for Women Voices in the Slums, Umande’s project is about turning bio-sanitation facilities into women-led information centers. The project will pick 4 bio-centers in the slums of Nairobi where women will operate a menu of ICT choices (online mapping, mobile telephony, podcast, community-based FM radio stations, online portals) to interrogate, share, and celebrate geo-referenced information in respect to the setting of priorities, planning, budget-allocation, implementation, and social audit of urban development initiatives at the ward level. The project envisages a platform for disadvantaged groups (women, children and the people with disabilities) living in low income areas to engage the county government in the decision making process, on issues of governance, social accountability, leadership, and delivery of services.

Women and sanitation are inseparable; however, women are excluded from the decision making processes. Umande’s project would increase their participation through the conversion of bio-sanitation facilities into spaces for convergence and exploration of ICT choices. But their project cannot be accomplished without the necessary funding, so vote for ICT Choices for Women Voices in the Slums in the Global Innovation Competition 2015! Voting ends November 23rd!

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