Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The French Ambassadors' Visit To Bio centres in Kibera

I don’t know about you, but I sure was happy to hear of the news. I had to go no matter what. I may never get such an opportunity again. You only live once!

Umande staff  with the French Ambassador
My colleagues seemed calm, so I went with the flow. We were all ready to tour Kibera. On such instances one would need to dress for the occasion. Just like an official wear for the office or gown for a wedding, a pair of pants and closed shoes would do you justice. The dusty roads and paths in Kibera were otherwise muddy especially with the short rainy season. Despite this, the tour had to take place.

Muvi Bio centre 
Mr Josiah Omoto with zest led the way for his flock and the visitors through each and every bio centre explaining the latest developments. We all learnt a lot from the best.

Our venerated visitors were from the French embassy with a group of journalists from France. They were interested to see the projects that they funded in Kibera. Most of those projects were in partnership with Umande Trust plus most of Umande’s agents know their way around Kibera, our presence was obligatory.

Umande deals with Bio gas projects around Kibera, so the tour was based on the bio centers within Kibera funded by the French embassy and supported by Umande Trust.
 To begin with, we visited the Nyaharwa bio centre where the visitors were given an orientation about this centre.
Muvi bio centre
Mr.Ambasa at Jasho Letu

Next, we headed to Muvi bio centre. 
They were interested to know about the facility. They were very inquisitive about the cashless system here; how they used Beba Pay cards. They had a chance to talk with the caretaker on the other hand, Mr. Amuok guided them on how to use the cashless system.

Jasho letu Bio centre followed suit. Here they met Ambasa, the chairman of the self help group heading this centre, who answered their questions.
They were content with the bio centres and the improvements made so far. This was evidenced by the exit speech given by Mr. Remi Marechaux, the French ambassador.

Written by Jill Apiyo.

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