Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Bio-Centre Tour

As I begin my internship with Umande Trust I am currently going through Kibera and visiting the different projects that Umande has done.    I have visited the Katwekera Tosha Bio-Centre and saw not only how the bio-centre works, but also how the upper floors are utilized.  

Here there is a school that combines education and sports, and on the very top floor meeting space for the community.  At this particular location, watching football games is the main use. 

We moved on to a school where Umande has created a urine diversion toilet, a WIMMA project, which will allow waste to be processed and turned into fertilizer.   The fertilizer collected here will be marketed, in part, outside of Kibera.  This is a new project, which differs from their bio-centres, which create biogas. 

Another project that I visited was the Jasho Letu Bio-Center.  When we arrived here the community was conducting a meeting to discuss giving loans to community members.  Twenty-eight households are a member of this group and do not pay a fee to use the bio-centre; other community members pay a small fee to use.   The woman then showed us how the biogas was being used. 

So far my I have learned so much about the different bio-centres and other projects Umande has that have caught my interest. I can't wait to learn more about different bio-centres, and other projects that Umande Trust is working on! 

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