Friday, March 6, 2015

Lindi Safi and Tosho 1 Biocentres

Yesterday, I went to several biocentres.  One of the biocentres I visited was the Lindi Safi Biocentre.  The Lindi Safi biocentre has children all around, as there is a nursery school on the upper level.   Here I spoke to the operator of the biocentre.   It was opened in 2010 and their organization has 36 members, and 20 of them are active members.  

On average, there 20 female users and 40 male users for the toilets, which cost 5/- per use.    Overall this is a smaller biocentre, but the operator was very helpful. He answered all my questions, and showed me around.   Along with running the biocentre he showed me his other job; he repairs shoes.    He showed me how he repairs shoes and the different types of shoes that he was currently repairing.   He was very happy to share how he did his job!

Another biocentre I visited was Tosho 1; this biocentre has a lot of activity! There are always people coming in and out.  They also produce so much biogas that some months it is difficult to use it all. For 10/- community members can come and cook with biogas.  

This biocentre use is a good example of the need to have a way to bottle or put biogas onto the electricity grid.  This project sounds great, and it is places like Tosho 1 that create a lot of biogas that will help this project succeed.   

By Michelle Swiger 

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