Wednesday, August 19, 2015

World Menstrual Day Celebrations in Kibera

The world Menstrual Hygiene day was celebrated on 28th May 2015 at Kamukunji grounds in Kibera informal settlement in Nairobi. Participants included umande trust, Peepoople Kenya, Greencard

Mtaani, Kewsasnet and other Partner organizations . The day was also celebrated with the popular Kenyan radio station Ghetto Radio hosting an event in Kibera for kids whose age range was 9-16 year. Popular young Gospel artist Bahati performed alongside other artists. Several other organizations working with girls and women empowerment in Kibera also participated.

The event also saw the launch of The Cup campaign which mission is to educate and empower girls living in challenging environments in Nairobi and across the globe. Supporting one girl costs 20 USD/ 2000 ksh which will change the girls life, perhaps even save it.
Please visit The Cup´s homepage or send money through mpesa (if in Kenya) to Buy goods  Till Number 594 681 to support the campaign #‎DignityForAllGirls.

The event was also covered by Wash United and the Menstrual Hygiene Day Worldwide Secretariat where various events to celebrate the Menstrual hygiene day were featured in the annual menstrual hygiene newsletter.

Umande Trust and various partners were also featured on the annual menstrual hygiene newsletter.
Click on the Link below to access the Full Menstrual Hygiene day newsletter


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Nelson Wamwayi

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