Tuesday, August 11, 2015

WWF and Baton Clean Energy Promotion Day


The campaigns were conducted by the youths in the Youth takes the baton for a greener future and the Kibera Advocacy team, two of Umande’s programs that target the youth, In a process of promotion of the existing innovation in the clean energy sector within Umande through activities and demonstrations that shall be capable of generating new ways of promotion of the use of clean energy for the low income people. The youths carried out an intensive campaign where different stakeholders were brought on board and information on available and affordable forms of clean energy discussed, including the acceptance of biogas usage. The youths organized two public interrupts forums and door to door energy campaigns and usage demonstration. They also targeted the county government with the energy campaign materials.

 More Photos and information about WWF and Baton Clean Energy Promotion Day  can be found on the Link Below; 

Edited by: Nelson Wamwayi                          

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