Friday, September 25, 2015


Who said a child cannot take care and nurture another; well it has been such an amazing week of adopting a tree. #youth baton has been running an “Adopt a Tree Week” campaign concurrently with youths in Burkina Faso, Mali, Mozambique and Kenya seeking to emphasize the importance of trees in schools and the general environment. Each student was given a chance to adopt a tree and taken through the process of planting and nurturing it to its full growth.

Given the tremendous Deforestation in Kenya, The campaign was aimed at instilling into the students at an early age the environmental importance of planting trees around us. The campaign was not restricted only to schools but also institutions like churches, organizations and individuals. The exercise was conducted in partnership with Kenya Forest Service-KFS (Samuel Wachira) and Umande Trust who coordinated the whole 5 day event. Mr. Samuel wachira, the Langata and Kibra sub-county KFS representative, took the time to educate us on the dos and don’ts of
successfully planting and nurturing a tree seedlings. Some of the schools that fully participated and embraced the campaign were Anwa Primary, Mashimoni Squarters, Makina Primary, Glory Primary, St. Christine, Desert Stream Primary and PCEA Silanga High School.
 The students were excited and passionate about the idea of adopting and owning a tree. They were ready and happy to be present and future “tree ambassadors.” In the long run, the schools, churches and communities will enjoy a cool ambience, oxygen, shade and general serene environment. The “Adopt a Tree” campaign was fully successful having planted 800 trees and with every individual ready to take the baton for a green future.

Written By: Lilian Waka

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