Thursday, November 10, 2016

Women's Voices ICT Choices

Umande Trust is in the process of launching a new project that aims to increase the representation of Women's voices when making decisions about their own communities, specifically within Kibera. To do this, Women Champions will be selected from the community, and these women will be trained to be liaisons between local governments and the community they are representing. The Women Champions will provide other women in the community with relevant information and facilitate group discussions on the issues women want to discuss and share ideas about.

On Friday, October 28th a meeting was held at the Tosha One biocenter in Kibera to discuss the Women's Voices ICT Choices project and specifically, how to choose the women champions. Project representatives from Umande Trust lead the meeting, and it was attended by around 30 community members and representatives from other local organizations. At the meeting, they discussed the project, and who exactly the women champions would be. There would be five champions chosen from each of the four wards in Kibera: Laini Saba, Lindi, Makina, Sarang'ombe. Also, it was decided that certain biocenters would serve as information hubs for the project, and would be the meeting place for the community discussions.

This was the first of many community meetings to discuss the project, and Umande Trust hopes to start the process of selecting women champions soon.

Benazir Omotto of Umande Trust listens to a question from a community member in regards to the Women's Voices project at the Tosha One biocenter. 

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