Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Sex for Water Project

Friday morning, Umande trust in partnership with WASH interviewed ten women on the struggle and harassment they face trying to fetch water for their families. Most of these women were in their early twenties and all of them were mothers. All of these women told stories about how they had been harassed either by men on their way to fetch water or the water cartels themselves. The water cartels, the people who run the centers where water is fetched from, often take these women’s money without giving them water and beat and harass the women who complain about there being not enough water or the water being dirty. Every women who had been interviewed seemed to have had money stolen from them from the water cartels forcing them to return home without money or water. These stories were more of the tame ones when it comes to the struggle these women face. A lot of them told stories of harassment and rape by men on the street as they were heading to get water. In Kibera, there is a high rate of teen pregnancy and a high rate of abortion due to women being raped on their way to fetch water. Lots of these women have had to work hard to strategically plan when they are going to go retrieve water and often have to find new routes or go to different centers to avoid this harassment. Looking towards the future, these women are worried about the lives of their children, how they will afford school fees, whether they will have to endure this harassment, and how they will continue to get water when everyday has the potential to be dangerous.

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